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2018 WPC Congress StableMate: $200

will receive the following opportunities:

  • 2 Percheron StableMates (two legged ones) will receive free daily admission to the 2018 World Percheron Congress;
  • 2 shirts, each embroidered with the 2018 World Percheron Congress logo;
  • 2 commemorative 2018 World Percheron Congress Admission pins; and
  • recognition in the 2018 World Percheron Congress Souvenir Show Program, the Percheron News & the Percheron Postscript.

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Join the Crowd!  Welcome 2018 WPC StableMates!

Lisa Banga-Graham & Austin Banga

Bernie and Elaine Reeves

James and Aimee VanFosson

William Garland & Nichole Ward

Jared R. Hanson & Christina Wagner, DVM

Shellie Billings

Brian and Stacie Lynch

Geoffrey Gerdes

William and Lisa Hanson

Linda Smith

Doyle and Renee Dingman

Albert and Karen Cleve

James, DVM, and Stephanie Heier

Edward and Kerry Enos

Ross and Nicole Honsberger

Virginia Kouyoumdjian

Steffan Ditmer

Pegasus Farm, LLC. – Anne Clary, DVM

Tory MacDonald & Lynn Behrmann

Jerome P. Jr. and Holly Kerns Foresta

Erin C. and Sally A. Lundy

Zachary and Libby Gray

Leah Haney & Will Denison

Seth Allen & Dan Gray

Keith Worth & Sheena Glover

Jane Gray & Joan Clymer

Caroll G. and Rhonda Janell Carson

John Pinkowski

Jody Gray

Nate and Harper Levy Buman

Shawn and Cindy Von Stein

Bob and Sharon Schoonover

Carol Ann Cassidy

Sean Cassidy & Dianna Marquardt

Roy Miller

Jared and Kellie Gardner

Linda Daniel & Holly Spero

Greg and Melissa Roose Raasch

Tyrel and Amy Frey

Robert and Andrea Detweiler

Eugene R. and Judith A. Seibert

Iowa Horse Council – Marilyn Bender

Brad and Cindy Messersmith

Sue Wilhite

Dennis and Sharon Schrage

Susan Bartleman & Ava Wilson

Bret Thies & Ms. Elizabeth Jensen

Nancy Smith-Bellor & Robin Bellor

John C. and Eva M. White

Scot Sanders & Lori Hemmersbach

Dean and Kelly Woodbury

Joel and Bonnie Buman

Paul and Fonda Womack

Red Gate Ranch – Rhonda Nemmers

Randy and Barb Fidelke

Dale and Lana Schaefer

Blue Ribbon Specialties – Mike and Annie Gott

Alfred and Jill Olson

Sandra Taylor Coughlin & Tina Harr Lewis

Krisitn Brostrom

Brad Woodiwiss & Chastity Martinson

Missi Funte & Marilee R. Betts

Robert and Jane McGrath – In Memory of Ralph McGrath

Kist Korner – Kevin and Lynn Kist

Randall and Melodie Hiscocks

Jeffrey and Jade Goodell

Linda Schuster

Greg and Jayleen Cook

Ralph Hundt

Erika Marczak & Sam Rich

Mark E. Andreasen

Dwight Hughes & Kelly Lamb

Jon and Jan Wooster

Mark and Amy Dutton

Ron and Nancy Swank

Mark and Karla DeCook

Paul and Christi Lines

Jenny and Gatha Pierucki

Kenneth S. and Madge A. Neel

Harold R. and Marjorie C. Fountain

Range Solar and Wind – Stacey Schmid

Jim and Peggy Day

Dale Hochstetler Family

Melanie Marreel & Alora Jensen

Jim and Ellen Little

Calvin and Judy Lipsett

Lois and Will Meade

Grey Thunder Percherons – Duane, Beth, & Joshua Wilcox

Susie Spry & Beverly Szaton

Kenneth and Kathy Wiebbecke

David Beving

Brier Valley Percherons – Mitchell and Kathryn Hughes

Heart of Iowa Inspections – Randy DeHeer

Lyn Sliget

Dennis and Cheryl Pate

Patricia A. Demond and E. Leon Demond III

Dave Rhode and Kay Bast-Rhode

Kevin Gosson

Todd and Kathy Grier

Iowa State University Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center

Gardner Harness Shop – Bruce and Connie Gardner

In Memory of John Sawhill – Karen Sawhill & Cindy Smith

Noah and April Levy

Glen and Bev Rowe

Elmer and Sharon Hebl

Joseph E and Christine Parisi

Jerry and Bernice Nance

Waybe and Joan Brown

Larry O. and Mary Lou Smith

Terry and Robin Guthridge

Dennis Crowley

Linda Jessee