2018 WPC Two Year Old Jackpot

Think you have a 2016 foal that is pretty special?
Entry Fee: $200 USD/horse
ALL entry monies go into the Jackpot!

  • Halter Class: 50% of Jackpot
  • Cart Class: 50% of Jackpot
  • Supreme 2 Year Old: sponsored

Supreme winner must compete in both classes!
Supreme winner will be calculated on a points-based system.
Payouts to 10th place!
What if I sell my 2016 foal before 2018 WPC? No problem! Your entry transfers with the foal!
Animal must be registered in competitor’s name by 10/01/2018.

Entry Deadline: December 1, 2016

Dates to Remember:
Dec 1/16: entry deadline
Oct 1/18: animal must be registered in name of competitor

2018 WPC Two Year Old Jackpot Entry Form